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  • Best JIRA Course in Thane to Learn in Online / Classroom Format and Get Certified from Best JIRA Training Institute QuickXpert Infotech known for Quality Training in Reasonable Fees and Placements!

  • About Software Testing -

    Software Testing is process to find Bugs or Defects in Software Applications to make them Defect Free. Hence it is primary requirement of all Software Projects and hence always have job openings and very high in demand. There are basically 2 types of Testing Manual and Automation Testing.

  • About Our Software Testing Expert Course -

    This Course is targeted to all candidates like Beginners, Freshers, Students & Working Professionals who wish to make their career as Professional Software Tester. You will Learn from Begining to Advanced Level Course with Life Projects under our Experts. In this course we have included Manual, Automation & Adv. Automation Testing to help you become Software Testing Expert and get Ample Job Opportunities with Good Pay Package! Please note - Appium which is used for App testing can be addded to those intersted.

  • Technologies You Will Learn -

    Manual Testing, ISTQB Exam Preparation, Bugzilla, Core Java, HTML Form Basics, Automation Testing, Selenium, Adv. Selenium, JMeter, Apache POI, Maven, Automation Frameworks, POSTMAN, API Testing, Cucumber Framework, JIRA, Scrum, Agile etc.

  • Fees -

    1. Manual Testing - Rs.10000 (O) / Rs.12000 (C) - Rs.8000 (O) / Rs.10000 (C) Limited Period Offer
    2. Other Individual, Diploma & Software Testing Expert courses - Fees on Request

  • 100% Placement Support -

    Many of our students got job/placements within 2 months of course completion!

  • Scope & Job Openings -

    Highly Demanded

  • Jobs Roles Targeted -

    Software Tester, Manual Tester, Automation Tester, Software Test Engineer etc.

  • Any Pre-requisites -

    None. Any one from IT & non IT can learn.


Job Opportunity

Software Testing Expert Course
  • Testing Fundamentals
    • Quality Control
    • Quality Assurance
    • Functional Tests
  • Non Functional Tests
    • Performance Testing
    • Usability Testing
    • Reliability Testing
    • Security Testing
  • Life Cycles
    • SDLC - Software Development Life Cycle
    • STLC - Software Testing life Cycle
    • Difference between SDLC & STLC
  • Testing Types
    • Black Box Testing
    • White Box Testing
  • Software Testing Models
    • WaterFall Model
    • V Model
    • Agile Methodology
    • Iterative Model
    • RAD Model
    • Agile Testing
    • Advantages of Models
    • Dis-advantages of Models
  • Test Cases
    • Understanding Project
    • Writing Test Cases in Excel
    • Executing Test Cases
  • Test Design Techniques
    • Static testing
    • Review Process
    • Roles and Responsibilities of Review Process
    • Test Case Preparation
    • Boundary Value Analysis
    • Equivalence Partitioning
    • Software Verification
    • Software Validation
    • Stress Testing
    • Load Testing
    • Endurance Testing
    • Testing Metrics
  • Bug Life Cycle
  • Regression Testing
    • Addition of Modules
    • Testing on Addition of Modules
  • UAT - User Acceptance Testing
  • Alpha Testing
  • Beta Testing
  • Test Management
    • Risk Analysis
  • Database Testing
    • SQL Concepts
    • Database Testing Process
    • SQL Queries
    • Select
    • Insert
    • Update
    • Delete
    • ACID Properties
  • ISTQB (Foundation Level) Certification Preparation
    • Entire Syllabus of ISTQB will be covered
    • Sample MCQs questions and answer PDF will be provided
    • Practise Test Session will be conducted
  • Bugzilla Defect Management Tool
    • Introduction
    • Installation & Configuration
    • Creating Account
    • Creating Project
    • Writing Test Cases
    • File a Bug
    • Generate Reports
  • Live Projects on
    • Android APP
    • Website
    • Web Application
  • Automation Concepts
    • Description
    • Definition
    • Functionalities
    • Regression Testing
  • Java Sessions
    • Control Structures
    • If Else, For Structure Looping
    • While Looping
    • Do-While Looping
    • Object Creation
    • Methods Creation
    • Arrays and Strings
    • Packages
    • OOPs Concepts
    • Java Beans
    • Array List
    • JDBC Connection - covered in Adv. Automation Testing
    • Exception Handling - covered in Adv. Automation Testing
    • File IO - covered in Adv. Automation Testing
  • Selenium IDE
    • Setup
    • Record / PlayBack
    • Manual Editing
    • Autoscript - using Commands
  • Selenium Web Driver
    • Package API Usage
    • Web Driver Commands
    • Operations
    • Web Driver Scripting
    • Regression Testing
    • Selenium Remote Control
    • Selenium Grid
    • Javascript Executor
    • Implicit & Explicit Waits
    • Selenium Exceptions
  • Scenario Based Automation
    • Validating Forms
    • Validating Application Flow
    • Logging Defects
  • Test-NG Scripting
    • Introduction
    • Data Providers
    • Setting Priority Level on Methods
    • Enable & Disable Methods using Test NG
    • POM - Page Object Model
  • JMeter Performance Testing Tool
    • Introduction
    • Where it is required ?
    • Installation
    • Building Test Plans
    • Creating & Assigning Threads in Thread Group
    • Executing Test Plans through HTTP Request
    • Assertions
    • JDBC Connection Configuration
    • JDBC Request
    • Generating test report of Database
  • Cross Browser Testing
    • Overview
    • Using TestNG to Test Multiple Browsers in Same Program e.g.Mozilla Firefox,Chrome etc.
  • Parallel Testing
  • Live Project
  • Introduction
  • Maven Build
    • Introduction
    • Download and install Maven plugins
    • Maven Repository
    • Add dependencies in pom file
    • Maven Integration with Selenium
      • Write & Run Selenium Test
      • Generate Maven Reports
  • Excel Driven
    • using Apache POI API Libraries in Java
    • Using Excel files - requires Java File IO
    • Project - Get Test Data from Excel using Apache POI, Test Application using Selenium and Generate Defect Report
  • Data Driven
    • using MySQL Server
    • JDBC and SQL Crud
    • Project - Get Test Data from MySQL using Java JDBC, Test Application using Selenium and Generate Defect Report
  • Generating Extent Defect Report
  • Cucumber Framework
    • Introduction
    • Overview of BDD Framework
    • Downloading and installing cucumber plugins
    • Creating Feature file
    • Write & Run Glerkin Test in cucumber
    • Given-When-Then Structure
    • Implementing Scenarios Steps
    • Creating Step Defination
    • Integrating Selenium and Step Defination
    • Integrating Junit with Cucumber
      • Overview of JUnit
      • Using Junit Test Runner
      • Junit Test Suite
    • Generate Test Reports
      • Default Cucumber Report
      • Extent Report
  • Best Practice
  • Live Projects on
    • Website
    • Web Application
  • Industry Leader Tool for Software Testing
  • Jira Concepts
    • Introduction to Jira Atlassian
    • Definition
    • Functionalities
    • Jira Software Product: Project and Issue tracking
    • Agile Framework & Manifesto
  • Jira Atlassian Environment Setup
    • Create Jira Atlassian Software Account
    • Creating Project and enabling Defects/Issue Management
    • Adding users to project
  • Scrum Master
    • Introduction to Scrum Master
    • Creating Project using Scrum Template
    • Scrum Events and Artifact
    • Sprint Planning
    • Scrum Roles
    • Stand-ups
    • Iteration/Sprint Planning Meeting
    • Retrospectives
    • Distributed Scrum
  • Classic Project
    • Introduction to classic project
    • Backlogs:-How to create backlogs
    • Sprint :- Creating Sprint
    • Creating issues in backlogs
    • Adding Backlog issues to Sprint
    • Create Component
    • Assign component to assignee lead
    • Add Backlog issue in component
    • Delete component from project
    • Walk-through and Build Process
  • Next Gen Project
    • Introduction to Next Gen Project
    • Enable/Create Roadmap
    • Setting deadlines of issues using Roadmap
    • Assign Task to Assigner via Roadmap
    • Adding TODO - PROGRESS -DONE status to Roadmap
    • Sharing Roadmap details to all team members
    • Exporting Roadmap deadlines
    • Create Backlogs in Next Gen Project
    • Create Sprint - Add issues
    • Next Gen Board - TODO,Progress,Done
  • Dashboard of Jira Software
    • Dashboard Overview
    • Dashboard Gadgets
    • Default Dashboard
    • Create Sample Dashboard
    • Edit,Copy,Share Dashboard
    • Adding Backlog details to dashboard
    • Adding Reports details to dashboard
    • Setup Wallboard Slideshow
    • Add Filters in Dashboard
  • Epics in Jira
    • Understanding Agile Epic in classic project
    • Enable Epic Panel
    • Add/Remove Epic from Project
    • Create issue in Epic
    • Attach Epic with Backlog issues
  • Versions in Jira
    • Introduction to Version
    • Creating Version for classic project as well next gen project
    • Issue type in Version
    • Attachment of component in Version
    • Assigning Version to Reporter Fix Version
  • Defect Reports in Jira
    • Introduction to Defect Template in Jira
    • Logging Defects in Jira
    • Defect Lifecycle
    • Searching Defects and doing bulk changes
    • Creating favourite search filters for Defect
    • Attaching files and screenshot to defects
    • Adding Report Status
    • Screenshot Attachment
    • Setting Priority level of Bug
    • Label and linked issues
    • Assign bug to Developer
    • Generating Sprint Reports
      • Using Burnup Report
      • Using Sprint Burndown Report
      • Velocity Report
    • Generating Epic Reports
      • Using Epic Report
      • Using Epic Burndown
      • Using Control Chart Pie Chart Report
  • Best Practice
  • Live Project on
    • Website
    • Web Application


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    in Thane (Mumbai) opp. Thane west railway station.

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    Either in Classroom or Online if you miss a session Recording of Lecture or repeat lecture as available will be provided.

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    We do allow if conveyed to us in writing well in advanced and approved by us.

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    Yes - Please talk to counsellor.

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    Yes. We have delivered corporate trainings to NMIMS, Infogix, GeBBS Healthcare solutions, PDG Softwares etc. Please submit inquiry form to convey your requirements.

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